The Mystery of BBI report

The Building Bridges Initiative has proposed the introduction of a parliamentary system of government with a powerful Prime Minister and two deputies, radically overhauling the current system of governance.

The BBI team is against the winner-takes-all presidential system, largely blamed for political tensions and post-election violence.

The radical proposals, which will be submitted to President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition chief Raila Odinga next week, seek to totally reconfigure the architecture of government to address historical injustices and foster national unity.

Yesterday, the 14-man task force gave the clearest hint that it had made some radical recommendations and notified Kenyans that it had completed its assignment.

“The joint secretaries have officially communicated to the office of the President that the Building Bridges Initiative report is ready for handing over to the President,” part of joint task force statement signed by BBI joint secretaries Paul Mwangi and Martin Kimani read.

According to the task force, the views to be presented to the President take into account the views of Kenyans from the 47 counties including testimonies and petitions from professional bodies.

The views were also collected from constitutional commissions, the civil society, religious leaders and associations, business associations and business leaders.

“Having heard how urgently Kenyans seek positive and far-reaching changes, the task force believes that Kenya can use this auspicious moment to build the bonds between us that will become a strong foundation for an inclusive, fair and prosperous nation,” the statement says.


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