Gone are the days when going on a simple coffee date or doing a quick bank transaction along Koinange Street was scary. Forgotten are those days when driving past the girls lined up on the streets I wanted to close my eyes and not want to make eye contact. Prostitution in Kenya changes dynamics as a new virus. It is now seen as a cool way to achieve a glamorous lifestyle.

vera sidika

In this era unknowingly some girls are prostitutes without really knowing. The trade is no longer presented to them as ‘being exploitation by men’ or as an ugly sexual encounter, or with violence and vulgar. Overtime prostitution has become sanitized and somewhat acceptable. The men know that it’s no longer about the filthy bitch with a decaying cunt or a time frame or targets. Some of these women think they are having fun and don’t see themselves as victims as they are not treated badly by their male counterparts. To some level the men have made prostitution in Kenya to be somewhat desirable to the women as they give them whatever they want and some even go to the extend of influencing the lives of some of the girls and women “positively”.


This new existence shifts the center of prostitution from the perception of economically powerless women being prostitutes to prostitution being a ‘side hustle’ or a fun weekend away that some women use to climb the economic ladder. Therefore just like a Pepper ,although bitter, it is used to add flavor to food, prostitution which is still unacceptable to many including some of the prostitutes themselves is now more than ever viewed by some as an profitable economic activity. An activity that some don’t know they are trading in.

So with this new age glamorous portrayal of prostitution, what would you choose? 4 years in university to get a job or selling your body?? Utachoraje and why?? Tell us below.

By Stella Koki Mutunga