Groove Awards is a Kenyan Gospel Award that is held annually. It comprises of different categories where the nominees are voted by the public. Groove Awards found its inception in the country in 2004 and it has continued to gain more reception among the Kenyans where a large percentage is made up of christians.

The nominees for different categories do stage their performances in different towns to popularize them leading them. The event is sponsored by Safaricom and the artists are also accorded the the Skiza RingBack Tone of the Year award.


New categories have also been introduced following continuous insights and changing industry dynamics.

2019; like other years, various gospel artists have already known their fate in this annual event. Groove Awards  introduced new categories this year to cater for the young artists who have also been in the long run ;- Online/Digital Personality of the Year, Young Groover of the Year and the Diaspora Artists of the Year

The new age gospel artists have dominated in Groove Awards 2019 if the list of nominees is anything to go by. It has always been said that music is the food of the soul as Arthur Schopenhauer puts it and this year’s Groove under the theme, ” Better Together” will try to bring together all the gospel artists within the country zeroing down to those from other countries.

The battle in the latter will basically be among the new age movement. Majority of the artists who used to be in the list in the previous years were left out. Willy Paul and Bahati despite being on the hook for quite sometime were not featured in any categories this year.The nominees were unveiled on a Wednesday at the Kenya National Theatre and a question that keeps revolving in my mind; Where are the gospel Kings and Queens who used to dominate the awards?

Jabidii, of the Hit-maker Vimbada hit featuring Moji Shortbaba was nominated in 11 categories as Moji and Timeless Noel are battling in 6 categories respectively. A lot have been criss crossing the gospel artists recently. Some have been accused of harassing their vixens sexually while others  have also opened up about their struggles with sins.

The gospel industry has also faced a lot of critics on issues on many accounts. The branding of those who are called and those in showbiz have played in frequently. Despite the many challenges gospel artists are thronged into, there are those who have endured the accusations and have decided to continued with their good works.

Voting has already commenced and it closes on 30th May 2019 and we are looking forward to see who outdo’s who in this year’s awards.