The “NextGen” fashion weekend was held on the 4th and 5th of August at the Michael Joseph Centre in Nairobi. On both nights, students’ designs were showcased by models on the runway. Each student got the chance to show their 3 best garments to an audience and judges who chose a winner. The main criteria considered when deciding on a winner for up and coming categories is trendiness, personal style, creativity and innovation. Thirty-three upcoming designers’ looks were featured in the Saturday event.

Despite the event starting over an hour late and some featured student designers seeming under-prepared, it was still enjoyable. The emcees, Teddy Eugene and Linda Simbauni, kept the crowd excited.

Rapper Chrome performed “Bring ‘Em Out” to open the show with a lot of energy. Next, the first sixteen designers’ garments were showcased on the runway.

There was no single theme and everything from wedding dresses and evening gowns to suits and men’s shorts were paraded on the runway.

Standout outfits included a dress encouraging Kenyans to vote peacefully in this week’s elections; very creative and intelligent way to spread a positive and important message.

In attendance were Sheila Mwanyigha, former songstress and Jamil Walji, popular Kenyan fashion designer among others. Many of the designers’ friends and family came to show support too.

The fashion was described as “futuristic and ‘Canaanian’” by audience member LaToya Johnson who kept the crowd laughing as s/he hyped the models and designers while they walked down the runway. The halftime performance was by TCDD, fourth year students from the University of Eldoret who formed a dancing duo. The second half featured the remaining designers’ garments displayed on the runway.

It was a great event.

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