The Nyege Nyege Festival: Unleash Your Urge to Dance!!!

The Nyege Nyege festival came out of our common efforts to put new East African sounds on the map: Benga, Acholitronix, Singeli, Kadodi, EA Wave, Shrap, Kinyatrap, Kenyan metal and many more would share the spotlight year after year along traditional musicians and contemporary sounds from all over the Continent (Kuduro, Chaabi, Balani, Gqom, Afrohouse, Coupé-décalé, Soukous and so many more).

“NYEGE NYEGE FESTIVAL”, a surprising name to Kiswahili speakers, who eventually found out that in Luganda, the word carries a very different meaning:

“The irresistible urge to DANCE”.

Nyege Nyege starts on Thursday, September 5th and ends Monday 9th in the morning.

This year there will be 6 stages:

  1. Main stage, with mostly live music and a few DJs. Every day is total fire on this stage, watch out for Fulu Miziki performing for the first time outside of Kinshasa.
  2. Eternal Disco stage, on the river where it has always been, playing dance music from all over Africa and beyond. Watch out for Saturday where we will host two legends Josey Rebelle and Juan Atkins
  3. Dark Star stage, where the harder more electronic music happens, watch out for the Friday with a crazy line up of African electronics from Mali, South Africa, Mauritania, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.
  4. One54 Riverbay stage. A new stage by the river, echoing our new venue in Kampala that showcases the best of underground music. The stage is located next to a bunch of different activities, local food stalls, craft market, yoga in the morning, curated talks and more.
  5. Bell Jamz stage
  6. Chill out stage.

We’ll also have a new amazing foodcourt, and many more surprises. They promise to turn the whole place into a fairyland!!

For transport, there are various options;

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