The Other Side of Former President Daniel Moi

When you hear of Daniel Moi, the former Prezzo, what really trickles in your mind? Some have good attributes they learnt from Mzee Moi while others have adverse memorable moments.

For those who school in Moi era, they attribute the free milk program that was being distributed in all the Kenyan primary schools. The milk help out families that came from low income serenes.

Apart from the milk program, President Moi was an enigma in politics. He ruled the country for 24 years ensuring the economy of Kenya was at its top. The economy was serene for business and investment.

In his tenure, he also brought changes to matters of ownership of property and education among the Kenyan child. Most property owners were men in the previous regime.

President Moi facilitate the Kenyan women to be given the first Identity cards that gave them room to invest and also own property within the country.

He also ensured the girls’ education was quite enormous. Through his programs, he gave room for the girl child to enjoy a right to education that led to their empowerment.

President Moi was the first president also to hand over power peacefully to the president elect in 2002. He handed to Mwai Kibaki without an issue , something that many leaders have failed to do.

During his tenure, something that also propped up his dictatorship nature. He tore on those who called on multi-party in Kenya. In his time, he did give room for other parties to exist.

KANU was the only party that existed in the country for long. After a long battle, he allowed other parties such as LDP, NARC to exist. His war on multi party co-existence was to ensure he continued to rule.

During his leadership also, mysterious deaths of prominent Kenyans existed. He was reported to be the pioneer of the assasinations of the like of JJ Kariuki, Paul Ngei, Robert Ouko among others.

He is also noted to have led  to the detainment of the opposition leader Raila Odinga among others who ran for exile in other countries.

President Moi was principled and determined in affairs of the country. His 24 years of leadership was met a lot of criticism and successes.

President Moi has left many with a lot of reminisces. A lot have been expressed towards him. He died at the age of 95 years and played vital roles in shaping Kenya as a country.

We wish to extend our condolences to family and the Kenyans at large who have joined the family in mourning.

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