If you are familiar with Nairobi’s HIP HOP scene, then you are no stranger to the Pit. But if you haven’t had a chance to grace the monthly event, you have no clue to what you are missing. It’s just one of those gotta do things before you die.

Usually held at the Pawa 254 rooftop, it mostly starts at around 11.00am and ends at 7.00pm, this time it was no different as fun lovers started trickling in by 11.30am and the flow of people never stopped from then.

The event draws its cult like following through its strict adherence to HIP HOP, funk, jazz, b-boy, break beats and live graffiti that is done on the spot. The last one held on the 4th of Oct. the past Saturday must have been one of the best organized show on offer.

On the turntables, the ‘god Dj’s’ Fonky monk, Midleast and Fikrah which in Swahili translates into thought, executed great sets during entire duration of the assembly.

Those that have a thing for vinyl’s were catered for as organizers that a catalogue was available for 500 bob per record, a sure bargain for such great music as I glanced through the pieces and saw Sinatra’s greatest hits amongst others.

The event must have drawn a lot of attention to all sorts of artistic lovers as there was a cocktail of musicians, poets and other artistes that were seen mingling freely.

To mention just a few of the note able figures that were present the following people caught my eye, Murathe, Teardrop, Vion and Monaja visibly enjoyed the occasion.

The sun kissed afternoon must have been a blessing with Nairobi’s unpredictable weather pattern over the last few months. The ladies were elegantly dressed and the gents looked smartly in their ensemble.

Liquor flowed steadily and merry makers made merry the day quickly bow to the pressure of evening and in so doing the guest Mcee’s took the podium. These were Ace the god (Apollo), Bantu slim and Shahidi Xcalibur, were simply the icing on the cake that topped of an excellent evening.

With witty lines, excellent mic control, crowd engagement, abundant energy and on point delivery, the artistes gave an electrifying performance certainly worth a few thousands. For a free gig the Pit always seeks to outdo itself every month.

As they finished they invited Kalimani on, who later asked on Killa Q and a few other rappers to bring the show to an end to the disappointment of many. But all in all the Pit stands truly as one of HIP HOP’s temple in Nairobi.