There has been a trending issue on drought in some parts of the country and Kenyans and politicians came together to help those affected by the rains since many people were loosing their lives from diseases caused by drought.

The nation was not sure on when the rains will start pouring and now that it is finally here, lets check out what ladies dislike when it rains.

  1. Being Rained On.

If you have not experienced this feeling then you surely would not understand how disgusting this feeling is as you end up with your clothes wet and even your hair rained on, something that ladies really avoid.

2. Floods.

Just recently, there was drought that hit the country and just getting a drop of rain led to flooding in areas that were experiencing the drought.

Ladies do not like walking in places filled with water as they see that as a filthy area to walk in. When we encounter floods, one starts thinking of buying boots, gumboots which most ladies avoid unless they are farming in the up country.

3. Bad Smell.

Have you ever boarded a matatu when it rains? The smell of sweat from people who have been working the whole day will hit your nose because the windows of the matatu have been closed and cannot be opened since its raining.

This feeling makes most ladies uncomfortable and some would even find themselves covering their noses to avoid smelling the bad odour in the car.

4. Carrying a Shower Cap.

A shower cap is worn when it is raining and when ladies go to shower. This is something that ladies do not forget to carry in their hand bags and its main purpose is to avoid being rained on on the hair that they have spent so much money in making.

5.  The Cold.

Most ladies like a sunny kind of weather because they are free to wear whatever they want but when it rains, the ladies find themselves putting on trousers  because of the cold except from a few who wear the common trend known as “freeze and shine”.