The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice; so they say and I back them up a gazillion times (not sure whether that quantity exists but I feel it is the most). This is true but I still fail to understand why Nairobi ladies go to unfathomed heights to spend large sums of amounts silly just to get their tint off their skin. Melanin is very sexy. Whoever told these girls that being light skinned is beautiful, clearly don’t know of the existence of me and Lupita Nyongo.It is a pride we wear every day and we do not die at the end of the day. And guess what? We work, eat, play drink, flirt and win over the boys equally to any other person with a different shade of skin. So it is not a problem that can be solved; so do not try to solve it.

Light Skinned versus Dark Skinned

I have several naturally light skinned friends and they will give me a million reasons everyday about how they wish they were in my skin. Yes, I said it. Light skinned girls actually want to turn dark whilst you risk your life span and your health to become like them. They complain of how they are the easy targets to team mafisi and any other team that thirsts over them. They have earned certain perceptions of being so lose and easy to bed. In school, they have earned the last spot in class because of their large concentration in their beauty which has been rated higher than the ordinary other dark brown skin girl. Dark brown skin girl, you may ask? Yes, brown skin does not mean light skinned. I do not even know how these Kenyans acquired this vocabulary that way because Ritchie Spice did not mean that when he titled his hit song ‘Brown skin’. Have you watched the video, in the first place? Brown skin simply means a black woman by race. Ritchie Spice praises the melanin colour that he calls brown skin. Whether dark or light brown skin. Brown skin is all of us beautiful black women by race. So yes, I am brown skin, not light skinned. Now you know, so back to point. Light skinned girls do not live in peace because they will always get picked on negatively as a sex trophy that is easy to earn.

Beautiful dark skinned lady
Beautiful dark skinned lady

The most comfortable skin one can surely wear is brown skin because we are first and fore most the friends of the sun. We do not suffer the fate of possessing a camouflage of colours after minutes of sun bathing. Our scars do not get easily revealed, so we get away with that too! Our life span? Longer than your hair. Skin lightening also causes osteoporosis, liver damage and severe birth defects aiming other life threatening side causes thinning of the skin, so your skin actually because less than before. In the case where one gets hurt, the wound can go deeper than intended. Have you ever come across a victim of skin lightened with uneven colour patches looking like an albino pig? It causes a blotchy skin appearance.

I call upon all ye faithful partakers in the pride of walking head held up high to counsel our lost girls and at the same time take pride in our melanin. A confident girl is actually sexier than a hot girl who has uncertainty of her beauty. Best believe that. This is the real ‘rangi ya thao.’

Where do you stand on this dark skin versus light skin debate?

By @binti_pretty