One night stands have existed for centuries. They have both good qualities as well as bad ones. They are mainly meant to illustrate that one or both of the parties involved is not seeking a relationship and therefore you will only connect sexually.

One night stands can be damaging if you’re not in control ego wise. Ladies, if he decides that what you had was just a one night stand but you feel like it could be something more, hint it to him. Don’t tell it brashly to him, he might get intimidated and run for his life. You have a way of making any man feel comfortable around you. Do that more often but keep in mind there’s a Friend-zone you shouldn’t trip into.

So, to help all you ladies out, here are some handy reasons to avoid one night of sexy times with a stranger.

  1. Think of all the STD’s out there.
  2. Buy a vibrator.
  3. Remember all the bad sex you’ve had
  4. The inevitable awkward morning after.
  5. he might suck at it
  6. You know you’re better at taking care of your own business than 90 percent of the dudes you’ve slept with.
  7. You don’t feel like bending over.
  8. Is he worth the extra point on your sex total?
  9. He probably hasn’t taken a shower in a couple days—probably not since the last whore he chipod not too long ago.
  10. Do you really want to see him in daylight?!
  11. He’s drunk — what if he pukes on you?
  12. Not to mention, whiskey does bad, bad things to a penis.
  13. You don’t spend money on rent to stay at someone else’s apartment.
  14. You already got drunk, on your own dime.
  15. You’re wearing new tights.
  16. His underpants might have skid marks.
  17. You don’t understand a word coming out of his mouth.
  18. He just needs a place to crash so he doesn’t drive home. That place should not be your vagina.
  19. You’re out of condoms.
  20. You just retouched your hair.
  21. He works in your industry.
  22. the damn Oxytocin, or “the cuddle hormone,” will be released leaving you to bond with him FOREVER.
  23. You will be labeled as a slut

So next time you are about to get into that cab or his ride, remember at least five of these pointers, it should definitely make you second guess yourself. Then you can avoid this situation;

one night stands