Aside for being known as one as the biggest universities size-wise and for it’s hot sun, Kenyatta University is known as a State of the Arts University. Any artistic student would have a ball while studying here not just because of the courses that they offer to accommodate a creative mind but also their facilities and environment.

Their music students have access to a range of instruments to practice and learn throughout their course. They get to learn how to play both contemporary or modern instruments as well as old traditional instruments.

Stacey Lutta playing one of Africa’s old instruments; the Chivoti
The Obokano
The Ohangla drums
The Kuring’ong’o
Joseph on the guitar

Their beautiful structures;

KU Campanile has a bell that rings hourly
The Library


Elimu ni Nguvu

The design department has paintings on the outside walls of the offices and classes as well as sculptures done even by alumnus. Such a scenery.


Kenyatta University is definitely a fun school for any spirited and artistic soul. Even though the art department faces some challenges like not being prioritized, just like everywhere else, they still manage to have fun and create beautiful things.