The Top 5 Most Expensive Courses You Can Take In Kenya.

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2015)
High school leavers are hustling to decide on what courses to do and at what institutions to study in.I’m also part of this lot. Trust me, the struggle is real!! You think it’s hard deciding whether you’ll risk enrolling in a public university or stressing your parents with the overrated fee of private universities, choosing your course is worse. I’ve always wanted to do Literature but it’s apparently not worth my brains according to my loved ones so I’m enrolling for Law. I thought I was the only one stuck with something until I spoke to some of my friends. Kebati Jepchirchir an 18 year old about to join USIU in May says,
” I’m joining USIU for International Relations because studying Aviation is costly and I wasn’t lucky enough to get the KQ scholarship.”
Turns out James is also in the same situation as she. Only he’s enrolling for International Relations at Riara University. Another by the name of Faith may be forced to ‘settle’ for Mass Communication instead of Law or Criminology.

University education is very expensive and you never realize until you go to uni parallel.

#5 LAW (LL.B)

Yes, there’s a reason why they’re called our ‘Learned’ friends. They study books the size of a Harry Potter novels and know each line by word. These costs quite a large sum of money. If one studies Law at a good public university (University of Nairobi) it’s approximately Ksh 180,000 per year. For those who opt for a Strathmore it would be about Ksh. 200,000 per semester. Imagine studying for a 4 year course for about Ksh. 1,600 000. In an international university like Catholic University of Eastern Africa is about Ksh. 130,000 per semester. That’s the cost of being a Politician/ Professional Liar. No offence intended.
law course kenya
There’s Mechatronics, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering…all sorts of engineering nowadays. Our smart friends here who’ll bring the realization of Vision 2030 pay about Ksh. 185,000 per semester in University of Nairobi. This would mean about Ksh. 300,000 per annum. Cheap ,ey? Lavenda Agure, a Civil Engineering student in JKUAT says;
”Engineering is an expensive course because of the amount of machinery and equipment used in the course,”
Most students don’t think about the returns of the course, they are just in love with the science and wanna build systems they can be proud of.
Architecture is what’s enabled Nairobi to be the concrete jungle it is now. The 4 year course costs about Ksh. 300, 000 per annum. So the estimate for the whole course is about Ksh.2,400 000. Talk about emptying your parents bank account. Ha! I guess getting such a lucrative profession needs enough sacrifice. When asked about his opinion of architecture, a friend said humorously, ” He’s doing many things but Architecture ; it’s doing him…”
architecture students kenya
Seems the effort and studying for these students is as much as the cost. It one of those ‘medicine like courses only now building anatomy instead of human anatomy.
Medicine has always been known to be expensive and involving. Most people shy away from it not because of not having potential but they’re too lazy to want something so taxing. Tanya Muchemi, a Medicine student at JKUAT says,
”Medicine is a course that needs Passion as much as it needs brains.”
Medicine in Kenya is about Ksh. 500,000 per annum. Given the course is a 6 year course I won’t even bother doing that Math.
medicine and surgery course
Medicine is too expensive you may say but ask yourself, who buys the Cadavers, the apparatus, the books, signs into the councils….yeah! Money is essential for Quality education. Doing this Bachelor in South Africa would cost about 1 million per year, in USA & UK about 3 million per year. Note that we’re only talking about tuition not inclusive of accommodation.
I won’t write diploma or bachelor, it has quite the number of segments. Aviation according to my understanding is more the engineering part of how a plane works, whereas Piloting is just flying the aircraft itself. Believe it or not, just to get a Flying license one spends more than one who studies in the university for a Bachelor. A PPL course for 4 -6 months cost Ksh 750,000. A CPL course of 7 – 12 months costs Ksh. 2,479,000. Multi Engine/ Instrument Rating course of 1 – 2 months cost Ksh. 1,295,500. This may only be the cost to Flying Training Centre but the cost at Kenya Aeronautical College and Nairobi Aviation range around the same.
aviation courses
Allan Riunga, a piloting student in Flying Training Centre, says, ”Piloting is more expensive than Aviation because of the Fuel and Maintainence cost.” I was very shocked to learn this, isn’t that quite interesting. That a mere certificate would cost more than a bachelor. Mind you that’s in Kenya. Let’s not even start on the cost in more developed countries like South Africa.
Yes, parents and students, This is what you’re preparing for if you pick any course on this list. Parents if you kids start talking of any of this course at a young age, Better start saving. It’s no joke. Best of luck to those willing to venture into this course. Give it all you’ve got, it’s worth it. Statistic show this are also the most lucrative professions out there today.
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