“We are the children of the Rastaman, We are the children of the, Higher man.”

These famous words from the Bob Marley ‘Africa Unite’ track was the song playing in my head as I left the Ubuntu fireplace.

Saturday 9th May was a day to be remembered by all Bob Marley enthusiasts. The Ubuntu Fireplace held at Kuona Art Trust along Dennis Pritt. It was organised by Treehouse Media to brings local artists and food under a canopy of spoken word and music. All proceeds were going to a specific program of CTC International in this case the Malaika Mums and Malaika Kids program, a fact that would make Bob smile. The message was simple, we as African need to unite and support each other.

The sweet smell of nyama choma filled the air as people settled in to sit on the creatively designed log piece seats. The entrance included the meal of ugali, nyama choma and kachumbari a great and one of a kind deal. People could also bring their own drinks although they were selling some.

Before sitting down, my friend and I had a look around the art gallery pieces that were on display. The gallery’s showcased abstract art to sculptures. From visual designs to complex crafts, it is amazing to see just how talented Kenyans are. It was quite interesting to see just how casual the artists were of their complex designs deeming it as ‘something that just happens’, a fact my friend and I just couldn’t comprehend.

Ubuntu Fireplace was hosted by Insect Dudu who welcomed all in attendance. The event begun with a short documentary on Bob Marley. This documentary reminded us how as Africa need to unite, that was Bob’s most important message to all Africans. After the moving documentary, an inspiring capuera dance..

Once they were done, then the spoken word performances begun. One by one they took the stage. Raya Wambui performed ‘the Bull in a China Shop’, Eudiah gave an electrifying performance and Noni Poetic Bee on the first time she had sex. All alongside the talented Mose the drummist. Wow, the guy can really bang the drum. The experience was truly fascinating to see just how spoken word is an astounding art that needs to be taken more seriously by Kenyans.

Then the musical performances begun. Royalty Black reminded us of the Bob Marley message on love and peace. Le Band also gave an incredible performance; these guys are really going places. Before we knew it, it was time for the main act, Nazizi!

Juliani, the former Ubuntu performer, passed on the torch by introducing the first lady of Kenyan music. Together with Moseh the drummist and Raya, they performed a Bob Marley favorite, ‘Redemption song’. She also collabod with Noni and Poetic bee for a thrilling performance. Nazizi was also taking requests, the people demanded Tension and tension they got! They also sang together with her longtime friend, Talia Oyando. It was great to remember just how sweet Talia’s sound is. Having seen Nazizi perform, there was really nothing more that could be done.

The Ubuntu Fireplace was a perfect event where the fire burnt continuously. The music, food and people made it a perfect night out in Nairobi.  It was a one-of-a-kind event that I will keep attending again and again and so should you.

Let’s show more love to out Kenyan local talent, it really is worth it.

Do you have an event you would like us to attend? Let us know in the comment section below.

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