The most iconic figure in the WWE hanged his gloves yesterday night at Wrestlemania 33. The Undertaker who has been known as The Dead Man finally put up a performance that signified an end to a stellar career that saw him rise to become one of the most feared wrestlers.

The Undertaker wrestled Roman Reigns in his final match which saw him lose to the latter. The loss was only his second almost two decades. The Undertaker has been a favorite among many wrestling fans who loved his performances and fights. His trademark entrances in the ring sometimes using a coffin scared most but they loved him the same.

It is an end of an era to him as he showed yesterday. Wrestlemania 33 ended on an emotional note as The Undertaker took off his gloves and his iconic hat and left them in the ring. This was a sign that he was finally taking a bow.

According to The Huffington Post magazine there were rumors that The Undertaker would retire after his latest injuries and dismal performances that showed the 52 year old was past it. His loss to Roman Reigns only confirmed that it was time to end his wrestling career.

Fans worldwide commented on the retirement through Twitter using the Hashtag #ThanksTaker. We will miss the legend that was The Undertaker.