The Weed Money Homie

You want to make some fast money? Try selling weed homie. Though illegal, it’s certainly one of the sure ways to get high returns for your money. I asked my homie who is mysteriously rich when most of his campus mates are broke-ass niggas and I was indeed enlightened.

This rich homie, whom I will call Koki, is a boy of the masses. He knows how to attract people to his side but is discreet about it that you can never tell what exactly he is up to. When majority of ordinary ninjas are living off the pocket money they get from their folks, this homie always has everything he wants.


Koki probably spends a quarter of his school time selling weed. He started during his second year, like most other dealers, started by being a light user of the product. Koki says he realized that if he bought in bulk and sold some of it, then he could essentially smoke for free.

It actually took up to this past year for Koki to begin seeing any kind of profit off of it. And it wasn’t until he curbed his own habit that he started to see that. The nigga now has lots of money, weed money.

On a typical day he rakes in a profit of more than 50% of the total sales. Though he refuses to discuss the real figures he sells a variety of weed and each has different rates. One pound of weed goes for approximately 400KES and a single joint goes for about 20KES.

There are different types of weed, Shash, Malawi gold and each has its own price. Though the dealers are quite reluctant to discuss the prices it’s evident the business has some good money.


This story however is not only limited to Koki. Young people are picking up this trend due to its enticing  high returns. Unfortunately most of the weed money is never used wisely. Most of it ends up being used in partying and other extravagant lifestyles.

The story is not only limited to Koki. Young people are picking up this trend and it is very enticing with very high returns. Unfortunately most of the weed money is never used wisely. Most of it is spend on partying and other extravagant lifestyles.


Weed niggas are out there are cashed up, and Ian a campus student in the city says it’s not surprising that everyone is picking up on this trend.

“Weed has money. I know of people in campus who are able to fly out girls on holiday from the money he makes from weed.’’

The next time you see your homie with lots of money, try finding out, it could be weed money.

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