Weetabix East Africa is a well-established company and the market leader for provision of breakfast cereals such as weetabix, Aplens, Mini chocos and weetos to improve better lifestyle among the target consumers. They recently conducted a road show, mall activation and campus activation which had the mini cooper challenge. I must salute the whole Weetabix team behind this and guise from CentreStage Marketing coz everything went on well as Varcity had closely monitored the successive flow of events.
We were mainly interested with the mini cooper challenge activity, initially it was an impossible mission to me coz that car can barely capacitate 6 people but to the chagrin of many, I saw numbers fit perfectly well. About the Cooper, it’s a small two door, four passenger car produced by BMW as a modern version of the original mini. This what Weetabix used for the campus challenge with an aim of beating the world record of some white men who had maneuvered to fit in 28 people some time back and are privileged to be in the Guinness book of Records.
The first competition started with Moi University, teams registered and the winning group managed to fit 23 skinny people within 1 minute 44 seconds. This was a good start I must, Pwani University College managed to beat their precedent record just to be on the safer side of winning the coveted cash prize of ksh. 250000, they managed to fit in 24 people within 1 min 58 seconds. The group at Maseno University made it even much tighter for the rest as they managed to record the same number of people but with 14 seconds less. Mount Kenya University and Kenyatta University tied at 20people within 1 min 58 seconds and were the worst performers, the cool kids from Jkuat Karen were damn fast but the number was a limit, 22 people within 59 seconds, kudos! The self-proclaimed elites, University of Nairobi students made it more fun by coming close to the title, 26 people within 1 min 55 seconds but I think there is something about guys from the khat embracing region that we do not know, they proved otherwise. These guys seems to have had a plan that worked well and that’s why they managed to meet it up to the world record though they didn’t break it. They managed to fit in 28 people at a span of 1 min 56 seconds, congratulation, being skinny and weak have hidden rewards, see how far they’ve hit.
Thank y’all Student Unions and the various Deans that we worked with, your corporation so this challenge amicably come through, it could have been difficult to achieve such an impeccable activity without your support. We are around you, big up Weetabix and Centre Stage.