The Worst Streets In Nairobi


NAIROBI has been described as one of the fastest developing countries with its 24 hr economy. It’s a hotbed of businesses and the perfect opportunity for city dwellers to earn their daily bread. But with this comes vices too , we head to the streets and find out which streets have been described as no go zones, crime hotspots, this is the best vs worst streets in Nairobi;

  1. Muthurwa

From the filth on the streets to Mugging and snatching any time of the day, Muthurwa takes the lead as the worst street. Touts and drivers who operate along this road have become so familiar with this pattern that they have taken it upon themselves to warn passengers from using their phones while there. It’s gotten so bad that the crooks are not only going for the phones but belongings too. They are mostly attracted by the masses of people travelling to and from the Machakos country bus, in the attempt to make a quick one.


Nairobi’s OCPD Paul Wanjama argues that they have since deployed enough officers at the area, so it’s no longer a dangerous place, but I will hold on to my phone the next time am on these sides.

2. OTC

Your God is with you if you escape the goons at Muthurwa only to be mugged by their close brothers at OTC. It was named as one of the most dangerous streets in Nairobi, with close to ten muggings in broad daylight. They at times pose as carriers where they help you carry your luggage and that’s the end of you and your stuff. The street is also notorious for con men with pata potea where they dupe numerous people who alight there from shagz, and the makauzi who will go straight for your neck watch out for those.


3. Globe cinema roundabout

This is probably the worst nightmare for guys who are driving, since goons from this area take advantage of the fact that there is traffic to steal and break side mirrors and run towards Ngara.  So ladies watch out for your handbags, always make sure your side zipper is zipped and just to be safe don’t put any valuables on the side pocket and close your windows and lock your doors.


4. Chiromo, Museum Hill

It looks safe during the day, but at night it’s totally different. For a while city dwellers, blamed the students for the increase of insecurity around that area as a couple of students rooms were searched and found to be in possession of firearms and other weapons. Be careful around that area, even as early as 7pm.


5. Koja Mosque

Muggings and shootings are no surprises when it comes to this street. When darkness falls these goons walk in groups of at least five people and take advantage of the citizens boarding matatus. grab and run towards river road which of course is the worst area to be caught in anything flashy, at the stage and the numerous clubs along the streets, they mostly target the drunks guys headed home after a night out so you are advised if you are drinking around the area reserve a cab for your transport home or leave the club as of 10 pm.


Any other dangerous roads you know of? Let us know below.