On Saturday 29th April 2017, the Youth Debate Forum took place at Catholic University in Karen. The forum was arranged by the Youth Clan for young people to come together and discuss matters concerning leadership especially in the country.

The forum kicked off at 10.30 a.m. with four panelists taking the audience through the topic Leadership and Integrity. The first half of the debate was an interactive session where the panel which consisted of Raphael Ng’etich, a lawyer, George Kidenda, Vice Chairman of Vijana Amkeni, Aloys Otieno, Chairman at Daystar University and Regina Masite, a Marketer.
Ms. Masite kicked off the debate with the phrase,” Perception is reality” after which Mr. Kidenda said,” When reality hits you it should change your perception.” Through and through they highlighted the importance of the youth to step up and vie for political positions in the country. The also said that the mwananchi should be well aware of the constitution and the power it gives them to get rid of corrupt and ineffective leaders. Mr. Ng’etich delved into the parts of the constitution which provide for the impeachment of leaders who do not do right by the people.

Aside from mentioning the problems within the country and giving ideas on how the youth can actively participate in leadership and governance, then panel pointed out the change that is happening gradually and pointed out Nandi constituency which nominated a young MCA for the gubernatorial docket.

The audience was given a chance to ask the panel questions and give comments after which Mr. Kidenda gave a presentation by Vijana Amkeni on the voting process. He described Vijana Amkeni as a Community Based Organization which tries to encourage the youth to participate in the process of change in the country. After this there was a short break which was followed by a session which various aspirants of the Members of the County Assembly seat from different counties were invited to talk about various matters. As much as the event was dubbed a debate, some aspirants seemed to take the opportunity to campaign.

One member of the audience grilled one of the aspirants from Lang’ata when he wouldn’t get a clear answer on what the MCAs, if elected would do about their unreasonable salary increase and the suggestion to pay MCAs spouses. During the forum it came out clear that the youth are well aware of the current political state and are ready to advocate and fight for change.

The debate came to a close at 3p.m. and everyone connect over lunch.