World Cup 2018 – The Source of Gambling for Kenyan Students

(Last Updated On: July 4, 2018)

Everyone and to be precise the Kenyan Youths are gambling their live’s away. Being broke has led many into the Gambling world which is hard to get rid of. The betting craze has become the norm of a young person in any given University in Kenya. Not to sound apathetic but betting is a sickness that can only be cured by oneself.

The Gambling Craze- Source of Money?

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It is definitely a craze that is here to stay. It has turned out to be the answer to any campus guy with money problems, a`chama’ of sorts. Ironically, the betting craze has left so many broke but the constant pushing and greed to get money out of the oddly placed odds, it cannot get worse than that. Students are constantly spending their fees  on betting.

Carry out a questionnaire in any university and you’ll find that the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) beneficiaries create an outlet of their loan money with betting hoping to get more from the bets.

Most of the students can confess that they have lost more than they have gained. Edwin* a 3rd year student in JKUAT  confesses to being among the many youths faced by the gambling menace. He goes on to mention SportPesa, Betin or Betway as his frequent betting platforms. `

“I’m a youth just like any other out there. I started late last year and I have been in the game since,’’

He says amidst Chuckles.

Get Hooked on First Bet

What stood out was the fact that most people will gain after their first betting and from then on you tend to believe that you’ll win the rest of the games. But that is not the case, you loose and it goes on with convincing yourself that you’ll win the next game and the pattern continues.

However there are those that have taken advantage of the betting craze. `Analysts’. This ones will place odds for people on Instagram pages or even pass them out on a person to person basis. They make money out of the youths who are so into the betting. Well, the analyst  usually do an extensive research and in most cases they are right and this gives them a good trust base with the gambling youth.

Money entrusted to the students for their tuition fees or that given by the government, it ends up being laced on the bets. The only way out is for students to be taught how to manage their finances as this is the most reason why most are getting into the addictive gambling craze.

What’s your take on betting? Is it going to leave or will it become a culture for Kenyan students. Share your thoughts below.

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