One of the things many young girls look forward to when they think of ‘campus life’ is finally getting a chance to be in a relationship. This feeling blinds them and makes them say yes to any boy that shows any signs of interest in them. Girls should avoid these opportunistic boys that only wish to prey upon their vulnerable hearts in the hopes of benefiting themselves only.

They are Only After one Thing

Girls should stay away from these boys who will proudly tell you they are members of ‘Team Mafisi’ only want one thing from you. They will deny it to your face but laugh with their friends behind your back when discussing how easy it was to get it from you.

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Boys have all the right words; they know all the sweet words, especially the cute boys. Stay far away from them as they’ll only use you and when they get bored and tired of seeing your naked body, they’ll go onto the next lady and the cycle shall go on like this since you were not the first and you were stupid to believe he’d treat you differently. A question you must ask yourself preferably earlier on in the relationship is whether he’ll stay or run after he finds out he’s impregnated you. Many say they will but don’t; take time to judge for yourself.

Concentrate on your studies

Moreover, these relationships are usually a waste of time as these boys will negatively influence you to skip classes, spend study time doing other things or stop you from talking to your friends who want to show you the light. Instead of encouraging you to study for your upcoming exams, he tells you to spend time with him. Instead of taking you to the library, he takes you to his friend’s hostel room. Such boys do not sincerely care about your future because this relationship may not last long and after it you’ll still be going to school where you’ll need to be passing with good grades.

Emotionally Immature

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Another problem with campus relationships is that one is emotionally abused by the other resulting in sometimes tragic endings such as suicide. Many girls put up with their boyfriend’s mistreatment despite them knowing that it’s wrong and they deserve better. Such things can lower a woman’s self-esteem making her think she’s not good enough and that she needs to change herself.

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The best way to avoid such men is to not be searching for a relationship in the first place so that you don’t find yourself entertaining them. There’s not much that the boy can do for you right now anyway so don’t allow a boy who isn’t worthwhile to hurt your precious heart.

Let the Playa’s play

Also, most of these boys like having a lot of girlfriends whether it’s at the same time or one after the other. They call themselves ‘players’. They’ll tell you everything you want to hear and more in order to lure you in and afterwards they’ll kick you to the curb as if you never meant anything to them. Sometimes you wonder why your ex’s friend hollered at you soon after the two of you broke up; it’s because he told them you’re easy to get. Mind the way you carry yourself, don’t be too approachable.

They act like they care about you but they don’t. Not only do they not add anything of value to their life but they also take away some of the positive things you have going. Don’t let one of these useless boys make you feel like all men are terrible, they’re not. There’s some good ones out there but not in universities. They’re still too childish and one-track minded to partake in a healthy mature relationship.

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