Relationships are the 3rd trickiest things to humans after fashion and those 8am anatomy cats.
Its hard to find that person that fits so well in your life,its even harder to keep it going after the ‘honeymoon phase’.But every once in a while you find that person with whom you have a blast with,your gears moving in-sync and you find no faults;rather not the breaking up kind,even in the bedroom-yes,its also a paramount factor,don’t pretend like it isn’t-
But a great relationship always has a looming quarell and if the water exceeds the flour,-if you value each other-its best to take a break.
Here are the Do’s ans Don’ts.
Do:Have fun,if there was some activities you couldn’t do together,here is your chance!!!!
Don’t:DO NOT SLEEP AROUND;no one will take you back after that,unless they are dumb.Keep it sleek,exit before the regretable starts.
Do:Keep the communication alive,even if its just greetings.
Don’t: I call this part bitchin’
Do not start posting comments or tweeting suggestively. ie:I am having so much fun now,that i am free to choose what to do and who to do it with.
That is beyond stupidity. Refrain from such.
Do: If you’re having fun,take a picture,tag them,but do it in a way that they feel they are the missing puzzle piece in that pic.
Don’t: Post pics of you kissing peeps or other scandalous acts.if such pics exist,delete them or hide them far from his/her reach.
Well,the rest will come soon enough…
By Vix.