If you are thinking of getting back together with your ex because you miss them, can’t stop thinking about them, regret the break up, you’ve changed now and know better or whatever. Make sure that before reigniting that flame, you consider the following.

  1. Think About Why You Broke Up

After all, there was probably a valid reason why the two of you left each other in the first place. If it’s something like cheating or violence, you may not want to go back to that person. They hurt you in the past and as much as you may want to believe they’ve changed, they probably haven’t. Just move on, spend some time alone and when you’re ready, find someone who’ll treat you right.

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  1. Do you just want company/intimacy?

Being lonely isn’t a good reason to go back to an ex. Get a pet or a plant if you want company. Learn how to entertain yourself or spend time with friends if necessary, there’s no need to resurrect past feelings just because of loneliness.

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3. Will the relationship be better than before?

If you feel like you’ll just go through the same boring, painful or useless relationship again, then don’t bother getting back together with the person. Although, if you really feel like giving it another shot is worth it and everything will be better than the first time then go ahead with it.

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4. How have both your lives changed while you were apart?

People grow and people change. You may be at a different point in your life now. You may have graduated and found a job and they too may have dated someone after your break up. This will affect your new relationship if you truly wish to pursue so yours is just to ensure it won’t affect it negatively.

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5. Is it worth it?

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Only get back together with the person if they want to too. Don’t go back to a cheater, player, beater, neglector etc. A lover is supposed to make you happy not to give you stress. Life in general is stressful enough, don’t give yourself additional unnecessary stress.

6. Are your friends/family for it?

If your friends and/or family had met the person before, ask them what they think. Don’t base your final decision on what they say but it’s always good to hear what outsiders think. If they don’t support it, you may want to rethink getting back together with an ex.

7. Was the first relationship good?

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If it wasn’t, then don’t waste your time again. Simple.