They are considered a problem especially by phone addicts as they think such phones are complex to manage especially when they `hang’. They have their pros in that the non-removable battery can be easily tracked when stolen as the thief cannot disable security or tracking features.

Here are very important things to know when operating such phones;

*When the Phone hangs

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For the phones with a removable battery, one can always remove the battery and let it cool off. This however is not the same case with those using a phone with non-removable battery. The phone can hard freeze (hangs for more than 5 minutes without responding)or soft freeze(temporary). Reboot the phone and clear all the apps you were using.

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*When it overheats

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Place the phone on a cool surface (not a fridge per say) . One can improvise by placing it on the surface as it’s often cold.

This, however, are presumed measures; if the phone’s problem persists it’s better to take it to a certified technician.