One of the highly ranked private universities, Daystar University, has some interesting facts behind it beside being a Christian university.

  1. The school is 5kms from the main road

If you miss the school bus to get you inside campus, you are probably going to have to walk 5 kilometers to get there or take a “nduthi”. There is no other way to get there from the main road.


  1. Hip hop is actually a subject offered

For music students at Daystar University, Hip hop is a unit offered for study. Talk about gangster!

  1. Weekly compulsory sessions at the Chapel

Being a Christian University, they encourage their students to be spiritual. So attending prayers and bible study every Thursday together with the faculty members at the chapel is a must.


  1. Big people have studied here

You may feel like Daystar university may be too much for you to handle but big guys like Larry Madowo, Mercy Masika, MC Jessie, Lillian Muli and Eric Wainaina have endured what most people would consider an uptight university. Look how they turned out.


  1. They also study THE BIBLE

Again- it is a Christian University. Everybody studies the Bible as unit till 4th year.


  1. No rasta man!

Dreadlocks in Daystar University are a no-no unless your excuse is something like religion or branding for artistes. Let’s see how this rubs off with Bahati who was just admitted to the school for a degree.


Guess this school tries to mold its students as well as shake it up and make it fun for them too.

Anything else you want us to know about Daystar university? Let us know!