Sh*t To Avoid 1st Time On The Rave


Finally you chose to get out of your shell, you want to be a normal social person, doing fun stuff and partying is on the list.

You have been invited to a party; birthday party, end of year work party, graduation party, bachelor party, girls night out, rave whichever it may be. There are some rules you need to abide by to enjoy yourself to the fullest!
Always RSVP. This enables the host to prepare better and in advance. Turning up to a party randomly, compromises the budget. The venue, food and drinks are catered for according to how many people will be attending.
Don’t show up too early. No one does that, you are not in the set up team. From experience, if the card reads 8pm, know the party will begin at 11pm.

Don’t bring along so many people. It isn’t your party. Some parties have that plus one option. What happens when you invite five friends, another invitee brings four, the party ends up flooded.
Then again, don’t go alone. You need someone to have your back and vice versa. Be your brother’s keeper, applies.

Personal grooming

Don’t try so much to fit in, be yourself. If the party’s venue is classy and sophisticated, something you may not be used to, just keep calm and be you. And vice versa, if it takes place in a house all the way in Eastlands, again, do you, don’t hate and discriminate. You went there, to have a good time and to support your friend.

Don’t over or under dress, first impressions matter. You don’t want kicked out of the next party’s list. Men have it easy, casual outfits where anything goes. Ladies, classy and a little flirty NOT ratchet looking like a Jamaican video vixen. Always respect the dress code if there is one. If it is an all-white party, dress white. There was a reason for that dress code.

Don’t get too comfortable, be a good guest. Throwing up aimlessly and blacking out is a no!


Don’t use public means to the venue. You are there in a nice black dress, slaying, in heels only to be found boarding a matatu or motorbike. Nothing is as embarrassing as that. Use a cab or car pool with friends.

Don’t sit at the front seat in a cab. The back seats keep you safe from any potential harm by the driver. Late night transportation may at times be risky.

Don’t get too friendly with the cab driver. Keep conversations profession, for safety measures.

Foods and drinks

Don’t drink before getting to the party. At least enjoy the party sober for some time.

Don’t leave your drink unattended. Cases of drinks getting spiked are real.

Don’t drink liquor past your limit. Handle your alcohol tolerance. Always alternate alcoholic drinks with water.

Don’t go to a party hungry. Eat light before you get there, some parties offer mere biting’s. Plus you don’t want to look gluttonous.

Don’t over spend (on a girls night out or night with the boys or rave) tomorrow is another day. Spend reasonably while having a good time.

Drama and fights

Don’t get involved in drunken fights that don’t involve you, usually ends bloody with someone having a black eye, broken nose or cut lips.

Don’t incite fights that will get you in trouble. You don’t want to wake up in a cell on a Saturday morning, confused and semi drunk.