University life is one hectic journey sometimes without road signs to get you to where you are going on time. We get confused as students almost all the time and get lost along the way. This confusion leads to depression and disappointment finally growing into hate. Yes we begin to hate something in college and if it grows toxic we hate everything in campus.

We all go to the University for more knowledge and understanding of things on the top level. I guess that is why we call it Higher Education. We leave high school to go to a community of elites to gain more information on handling future problems.

Learning is the main goal in Campus but honestly speaking who likes long lectures? Anyone? No! Personally I used to hate it when the lecturer would stay in class for more than 3 hours! My concentration span always fades after the two-hour mark and so for the rest of the class I was left building castles in Konza city.

There were also theses lecturers who would come on time and their lectures were constantly happening. Regular lectures are something most University students hate. Some would come each day of the week and made sure all of you were in class.

No one liked assignments just to be fair. They were time consuming and also if they were group tasks it would be difficult finding some members. There were guys who used to disappear during group assignments then pop up later when the work was being submitted to ask if you included their name!

Continuous Assessment Tests are a nuisance to most of us in campus. CATs, which are normally thrown in between the semester like some random spices in a meal, are a constant headache to most students in the University. Some lecturers even go to the extent of surprising students by not informing them of the impending danger ahead. No student wants to just wake up, stroll lazily to class and look who we got here the ugly CAT!

Failing exams and sometimes following for missing marks is always a very serious subject in student life. No student would like to fail an exam because that means they will have to redo the paper. Missing marks is another hate subject! Most students hate the idea of having a missing mark especially towards graduation. Lecturers will begin disappearing from your view turning you into a designated stalker.

Life in campus can be cruel or lets just say it is cruel when you go broke! No money means no food, which relates to hunger that brings about sadness. Money moves campus like no mans business. No campus student loves being without money because they all hate being broke! The list is long and we all know campus students hate reading long texts so what else can you add on?