Technical University of Kenya aka Kenya Polytechnic, located in the CBD is one of the popular higher learning institutions in Kenya.

Here are some things you didn’t know about TUK:

  1. Open Mic

Every Thursday night at Technical University of Kenya, students are given a chance  to perform in front of others for free just for fun. This opportunity is often open to any student from any campus and usually turns out to be a night of artistic fun.

2. Samsung Academy

Safaricom and Samsung came together to open the Samsung Academy within the school just to give students an opportunity to learn more about mobile technology.

3. Monument of Luck

The Chinese came in to amplify the Engineering courses at the Technical University and left a bit of their culture in their monument symbolizing luck, happiness, wealth and friendship not only between the educators from both nationalities but also both countries.

4. Hybrid Band

TUK has a music department which gave room for the school band to be formed. The band, which has been around for 6 years now, is called Hybrid and they stage major performances like state events and presentations.

Check out their Facebook page and learn more here.

5. NO girls’ zones

TUK has a room which they call the lecture hall where one can watch television however this place as well as the school’s gym lack any sort of female presence. For the lecture hall it is mostly because the guys gather there to watch football matches. The gym… well, we all know how most females feel about working out.

6. Basement

TUK have their very own theater group which is active enough to stage at least two shows per semester. They also collaborate with other theatre groups to stage plays and do traveling theatre where they stage high school set books. They even have their own abode…and yes, it is a basement.

Is there interesting about your university that you’d like to share with us?