Of course one of the most exciting moments in a serious relationship is finally getting invited over to your bae’s house. Avoid embarrassing behaviors so that bae doesn’t reconsider the entire relationship. You may not realize how some small things that you do actually turn them off but they can’t tell you as they don’t want you to feel bad and make the entire date awkward for the both of you.

  1. Show up Unannounced 

One annoying thing that some ladies do is to show up at their bae’s home without having informed them of their visit in advance. This can and will make him angry especially if he has had a long stressful day and all he wants to do is hop into bed and scroll through some memes and funny videos on Instagram to raise his moods. He’ll take his anger out on you even if he doesn’t want to and trust me you don’t want that.

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Also, when he refuses to let you come over you think he’s cheating on you or trying to hide something from you when really it may just not be a good day for him. Make sure you speak to each other and confirm the perfect date to see each other, preferably over the weekend to avoid unnecessary frustrations. Don’t just show up at his house with a large bag with tomorrow’s clothes unless he has confirmed that you can spend the night either. Just generally avoid doing anything to piss him off.

2. Have Body Odour

Another irritating thing girls sometimes don’t consider is the fact that after being squeezed  between  the window and an overweight lady for half an hour in a overloaded matatu as you head to your boo’s house, your armpits start to smell sweaty. Avoid this by taking a good shower and using a good deodorant or roll-on afterwards and if you want, apply some perfume too. And yes a shower is vital as the bad smell you had from before the shower cannot be masked by a perfume for too long.

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Brush your teeth thoroughly and gargle to avoid putting your boyfriend through a painful experience when trying to kiss you passionately. Make sure there is no meat or sukuma in your teeth, simple things that can save you a lot of embarrassment. Make sure you don’t single-handledly ruin the smell of his entire house as soon as you step in. Personal hygiene is also very attractive and a turn-on for anyone.

3. Make a Mess

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Yes you should feel at home at your boyfriend’s house since after all he is your boyfriend but this doesn’t mean that you start rearranging his things for him in ways he does not want you to. This is more likely to happen if you are drunk (another thing that men tend to find unattractive: women who lose control of themselves when drunk). Avoid disorganizing his things or breaking anything. He may never forgive you for disturbing the peace he had when he was home alone or breaking something precious to him.

4. Go Through Bae’s Things 

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Everyone one deserves to have their personal space respected. Just because your boyfriend tells you “What’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine,” does not mean that you have the right to go searching through his things. This includes his phone, his laptop, his wardrobe, his kitchen cabinets, his bedside table drawer, his schoolbag etc. Just think about how you would feel if he went through your property, you wouldn’t feel too comfortable with that. If there’s anything you feel like you need to know just ask them to tell you and if they refuse to tell just understand that it’s best for you not to know. You could also just ask for permission to go through their phones, some boys actually will allow you to.

Moreover, make sure you don’t make yourself too comfortable in their home too soon. If you need to use the bathroom just ask where it is even if you already know. If you get hungry, ask if you may go to the kitchen and get some food or cook something, if you want to go into their bedroom, ask if they’re ok with that first. Small things like this are very important.

5. Steal

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To you it may be “just 1000 bob” but it may be the only money they have to last the rest of the semester. You may think of it as “just a phone” but you don’t know how much they had to beg their parents to get them one after they lost their previous one or how long they had to save up for before they could actually afford to buy it.

There is nothing worse than a woman who is a thief. Okay maybe a few things but still, being a thief is a bad thing, so bad you could go to jail. We all see these stories in the news and they are highly disturbing. All relationships are built on trust and having someone you trust steal from you is very painful. The relationship will also obviously end after that.

If they tell you not to touch or take or use something make sure you don’t. It’s their home so they make the rules. If it was your home and he waltzed into your bedroom and started touching your personal or valued items, you wouldn’t be too pleased either.


6. Complain

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It is extremely frustrating for you to bring someone to your home and they start complaining from the moment they set foot on your ‘Welcome’ rug. Imagine how you’d feel if you went out of your way to invite someone to your home when you could’ve just slept the whole day and they don’t even appreciate it, they just spend the whole day judging your décor and complaining about what you suggest to do. No need to make the boy that loves you unhappy especially in his own home. If you’re dissatisfied with anything, it’s ok to let them know but in a polite way.

7. Leave the Bathroom in a Mess

Some ladies are afraid to use the bathroom when over at their boyfriend’ house though they shouldn’t be as there is nothing wrong with doing so as long as you do it in a civilised manner. He definitely does not want to hear each drop of your pee hit the toilet water; in fact, this may disgust him a little. He also definitely does not want to see or clean up your poo marks after you have used his toilet. This can and will definitely disgust him. Clean up after yourself and do not aim for the water when peeing (it’s hard but possible).

Also if you use the shower or the sink the morning after, do not leave makeup and hair in either or splash water everywhere or he may slip hit his head on the sink and die. Make sure you mop it up. It will literally not take more than five minutes and it will leave him with a good impression knowing that you’re a clean person that he could consider living with in the future.

8. Fart

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One thing that is a huge turn off for any regular human being (despite it being a normal thing to do) is someone farting in their presence. You can leave the room, go to the bathroom or outside to do so. Or just ask him if he’d be disturbed by you farting in front of him. Or jokingly bring up the topic and say you’re about to fart but make sure it’s playful and laugh so he’s not disturbed by you doing so.

Generally just don’t do anything that can make him feel angry, disrespected or uncomfortable. Make sure you are both happy so that the entire experience is enjoyable for the both of you.