A 21 year old student who was arrested for stealing women’s underwear finally confesses why he steals them. The 21 year old, a fourth year student in Midlands State University in Zimbambwe was arrested on Monday for the theft of panties and confessed why he did it.

The pervert said he steals the panties to satisfy his sexual desires through masturbation.

When he was being questioned by the police he further said that he sniffs the panties and imagines he’s having sexual intimacy with the owners of the panties until he reaches an orgasm.

Prince Danda was arraigned in court and pleaded guilty for the theft of the panties.

“I used the panties for masturbating while fantasizing about the women wearing them,” Danda told the court.

Danda also blamed evil spirits for his actions. The court found him guilty and sentenced him 70 hours of community service. He will be in jail for 2 months if he completes his community service well, the judge also considered that he’s a student.