Last Friday I attended the TG Awaken at Zetech University. I know! It’s past Easter and  people are still going to church. Believe or not a good percentage of the youth have acknowledged God as their Saviour. Zetech University and K-Krew joined arms to pull off the awakening and it turned out great.

Zetech University VC Prof Wamukoya and Dean of Student Affairs Elizabeth Muhia pose with the Kubamba team and student leaders
Zetech University VC Prof Wamukoya and Dean of Student Affairs Elizabeth Muhia pose with the Kubamba team and student leaders
The event started a bit later than the scheduled time because of rain was threatening to ruin the event. When everything had been set up and God cleared the skies for his faithful lot, the event went into full swing. The turn out seemed more than the university expected. Honestly I was amazed that so many youth would actually be interested in attending that event. Given I had thought my brains out which of my friends would have been willing to take me for the event. Ha! I know too many sinners.
The syche was good from the beginning I think it’s something about believers. I don’t know how they do it. Always proud of their Faith. Popular Gospel entertainment unit Kubamba Krew (K-Krew) came up with an initiative christened This Generation (TG), designed to empower and inspire the youth through use of music and entertainment.
Kubamba crew after a successful day at Zetech
The performances were the highlight of the event.So many talented artists perfomed. From the beautiful Kambua to the well known Ben Githae.
Kambua performs
Kambua performs
Of course with the youthful audience artists like Kelele Takatifu, Recapp, MC Dice. From those I gathered that the best perfomances were Makena’s and Recapp with MC Dice. I won’t lie Gospel Hip hop is quite catchy. I fell in love. I guess that’s the only Hiphop that didn’t turn me off with all that ‘F***’ and ‘Ds’.
DSC00049There was a powerful sermon which was delivered to a very keen audience. Even hyped ‘unsaved’ youth know that the one person you respect is God. The sermon gave advice to the youth to maintain their faith even with all the peer pressure to engage in sex before marriage and abuse of drugs.
There was a moment of prayer for the Christians who backslid to go back to God. The event ended with a great session of good gospel music. DJ Moz turned the place up. Damn! I had a good time. Who knew Gospel Reggae and even Riddim could make you dance!!! Honestly I had never even knew there was Gospel House music.
That was a DOPE event!! It’s a shame if you missed it. Next time you hear there’s an awaken don’t hesitate, I know I won’t. It’s not a waste of time. It’s amazing experience.
Here are all the pictures from the TG Awakening at Zetech University;