Yesterday Twitter, Instagram, Facebook went buzzing with ‘My Engagement Story’ on This Is Ess blog. Sharon Mundia, a 25 year old Fashion blogger,stylist, columnist, You Tuber…whatever titles you wish to add to her, is finally off the market. What’s the big deal?! I don’t get why her engagement is being blown out of proportion. She’s a single woman no longer, so what??! So was my mother in 1994, and my grandmother in 1963, it wasn’t a national affair. I don’t understand why it should be now.

Okay Fine, not all of us get proposed to on the peak of Mount Kenya. That is pretty posh!! I mean she likened it to Kate Middleton’s proposal. How many men could afford it? Really, Sharon you just had to share with us how good you have it? It’s funny how the blog moved from a ‘Fashion’ blog to a personal journal. Interesting, huh? Maybe now we can all pray every second to get men like “Mr. L” Lonina or start pressuring our 5 year courted boyfriends we want such a flashy proposal.

Sharon’s IG handle moved from 58.7K followers to 59.4K followers overnight!! That’s how much a ‘Cinderella’ Story can sell. Kenyans are hopeless romantics. Haha.. You got us, Sharon. Don’t get me wrong, she is engaged, however, the whole charade about it was all for publicity.  As if that’s not enough, a twitter hash-tag was started to console her well known pursuer Mwirigi!!

Do not forget how much people have done for publicity. Ask Huddah, Vera and Pesh! Only difference is well Sharon’s arse ain’t her whole universe. Ha!! Don’t get me wrong, Sharon, but that was a lil’ over the top.

Like the controversial Robert Alai said on the whole issue;
When someone proposes to you then your blog is 95% about what he spent and did and 5% about his persona, kuna chida

Major companies also saw the oppoprtunity to ride this Twitter sensation. Many marketed their products and included the #polekwamwirigi. This definitely put many graphic designers to serious work! However, they did make for great entertainment.

Well, bravo girl *slow clap* this is only going to take your brand name even further. So if all this rage was caused by the proposal, how will the wedding be?!! Lets wait and see.

Do you think this proposal was all a publicity stunt? Tell us in the comments below.