The Three who are students at Mwea High School were successful to start an inferno but thanks to combined efforts of other students they were able to put out the fire before it could cause more damage.

Speaking to reporters, Mwea MP Kabinga Wachira was quick to note that the area chief informed him of the incident and contacted the authorities and the three are being held at Sagana Police Station.

The MP assured the parents that the students were safe and would conduct check ips to ensure that every student is accounted for. The school management as reported by the area MP was already holding meetings to ensure how the students who lost belongings at the inferno would be accounted for.

In other news, 28 students were arrested causing an indefinite close at Isiolo Boys High School. This is after a fight erupted in the institution. Students who were holding prayers at the mosque were attacked and they retaliated in return, causing a fight.