It’s Thursday so I decided to backtrack to the first day of college. When the letter of admission comes in you always get excited and go round the hood telling guys you made it to college. When you come from the village like some guys I know and myself included it becomes a big deal. The chief might decide to pay you a visit so you become friends because everyone wants to be associated with good things that come out of the village. So you do your shopping and everything then the day arrives and you get super psyched that you forget to carry more socks!

First day of college is normally confusing because you literally do not have an idea what is going on around you. After high school you always think you are an adult and can take yourself to college without much hustle. Yea it seems like a cool idea that you are trying to act grown but what we all know is that we need parents with us on a day like this. You pack your stuff and get to your college of admission and find long lines. There are almost 5000 other students there with you! You take a deep breath and struggle to get in line.

Parents are busy pushing each other in line and you keep on looking for spaces to squeeze in but you are also respectful enough not to jump Que. The process of admission is normally slow and you start feeling dizzy and dehydrated because of the scorching sun. You came alone so no one thought it would be a long process and that you would need some bottled water or snacks! When you finally get near the admission desk it’s almost 7pm in the evening and those in charge decide to just give you random hostels so you can come back the next day to continue with admission.

Campus is a bigger place compared to high school so you are bound to get lost. You still have your luggage on and hunger is now a problem. You need food! You have read about articles on of what it’s like to be labeled a freshman so you shy away from asking for directions. Luckily the restaurant is not far away so you get food remember you still got your luggage on. After that you have already forgotten where hostels are!

It is almost 10pm and you are still moving from one building to another reading names and comparing to what was given to you as your hostel name. One hour later you decide to ask the watchman because you know they won’t remember your face the next morning. They give you directions and you finally get to your room for the night. Surprise! There are other guys fresh like you who are trying to sleep. You try to sneak in quietly but your luggage lets you down. Before you start preparing for sleep some new face pops up under the blanket and starts asking personal questions like your salvation status! It’s now 1am and you just go off like a light bulb because it was a long day!