Tanzanian singer Khalid Mohamed popularly known as TID has been hospitalized after suffering severe injuries from an attack by unknown people.

In a picture shared on Instagram, the 38-year old singer is seen with cuts on his face as well as his white vest soaked in blood.

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Captioning the photo, TID claimed that he had been beaten by people who were jealous of his music airing in the media.

The singer, first shared a bloody photo after the attack on Instagram saying goons attacked him because they were jealous of his music airing in the media.

“Washamba Bwana Wakiona tu Unasikika wanaamua kukupiga hivi …. It’s so Sad Jambazi anaeza kukufanyia chochote sababu yeye Jambazi na Yuko na Back Up za Kijambazi,” he said. 

It is reported that in January 2018, unknown people broke into the singer’s home and broke into his car’s side windows’, windscreen and side mirrors.

In 2008, TID was arrested and later imprisoned after he was found guilty of assaulting one a person called Ben Mashiba by lobbing a crate at him and injuring his arm and head.

In an interview, he also confessed that after serving time in jail he got into hard drugs specifically ecstasy and cocaine and for two years he was hooked to the drugs.

Following all the drama with Ray C too, we are here wondering, what’s going on with Tanzanian singers?? Share your thoughts below.