Legendary golfer Tiger Woods was arrested early Monday morning while driving in Florida. The golfer was being charged with Driving Under Influence by Florida police. Woods who has been in major controversies that have made him lose direction in his golfing career. This latest incidence only makes it worse.

Reports by BBC said that the player was arrested by police in Florida for appearing to be drunk while he was driving. The conclusion was that he had earlier had alcohol before he decided to drive. The golfer however refuted the claims made by the police who arrested him. Tiger Woods said that it was a reaction to prescribed medication that made him appear to be drunk.

Tiger Woods did apologize to his family and fans for the incident and added that he did not know that the medication would have such a strong effect on him. Police in Florida did release a mugshot of him during the arrest and Woods appeared to be unkempt and bleary-eyed. The image portrayed a disheveled person and the golfer would not have liked it being shared to the public.

The former world number one golfer was released almost 3 hours later near his home in Jupiter, Florida. This was the same area that he had been caught driving carelessly back in 2009 which led him to losing some sponsors.

This is certainly another blow to the 14-time major champion’s career.