As a rock fan I love listening to XFM, and earlier this week on a segment titled “Got beef” Mike Mondo was tackling an issue for a young lady. The lady had been in a relationship and bought her boyfriend a phone worth Ksh 75,000 only to discover he was cheating. After separating from him, the idiot of a man went ahead to sell the phone and bought a cheaper one. #facepalm

Which brings me to my article, when is it the right time to buy your partner gifts? Especially gifts worth Ksh 75,000?? My mum has adversely insisted that I should never buy my man any presents until he makes that move first. Should I really wait for the man or will it just be another episode of ‘The long wait’?
Here are a few tips to help you guys out if you are riddled with this issue as well:
1. Actions first gifts later
Something people fail to comprehend is that the first 3 months you only see a facade, a mirage created by your partner. So if you want to show your care, love, concern etc do it through actions. Simple acts like a phone call, paying for a meal or paying for a cab which is along the extreme is okay. How a person treats these gestures will help you evaluate which gift will be best.
2. Be realistic and thoughtful
Your gift should have the person in mind. It’s never about the amount of money you spent, it’s always about the practicability of the item in the person’s day to day life. You can’t buy a blue collar worker an IPhone 6plus, but you could buy an IT employee a Mac book. Buy something that will blend into their life and make it easier.
3. The right opportunity will present itself
There will be a point in the relationship you feel comfortable enough to show your feelings through a gift. It’s all about your own individual feelings and no one should coerce you. Maybe by giving hints or insisting to talk about it every single time.
4. Start small
If you feel comfortable and confident enough to gift, start small. If it’s cheap don’t let it look cheap. Wrap it up. Put in some effort for your own sake! How your partner takes it, values it will let you know if and how soon you’ll gift him/her again.
So there you have it, concise and true tips to know when is the best time. If you have any suggestions,  questions or comments, feel free to comment below.