Less than two weeks ago, a video surfaced online of a scuffle ensuing between Timmy T Dat and the fast rising star from coast, Otile Brown. Rumor had it that the two were fighting over a video vixen something that Timmy neither denied nor confirmed when the question was brought up by the Trends presenter Amina on the program.

Prezzo tries to separate the two

This to many seemed like the duo would never work together again even after making a hit single together, Wembe. However the two seem to have put the past behind them after two days ago Timmy released a song called Tam Tam featuring the coast artist.

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Timmy is even heard joking about the fight as the audio ends talking about how the fellow singer Otile ducked a fist which ended up landing on rapper Prezzo.

However we can only be sure that the tension between the two is over after seeing a video from the duo.