Tips On How To Date An Introvert

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(Last Updated On: August 30, 2016)

Are you currently dating an introvert? No one probably prepared you for such a personality. You probably been together for a long time but you still feel you don’t know who they are skin deep.

Figure out your Differences.


It shouldn’t be frustrating instead you should be willing to adjust for the one you love.

An introvert can be described as a chilled out person, someone calm and loves to be alone or with just a few friends. They aren’t necessarily shy anti-social beings. In other news, they lose energy from being around a lot of people unlike extroverts who feed themselves with people.

Dating an introvert should be easy, just be a little easy on them. Love is all about accepting and understanding and not changing anyone. Research shows that introverts are known for long lasting relationships, since they take their time to finding a girlfriend/boyfriend.

Dating an introvert, when you are an open book or extrovert can be like the analogy of being right or left handed.

“For introverts to be alone with their thoughts is as restorative as sleeping, as nourishing as eating”

For a successful relationship with an introvert, maybe you should have the following traits or do the following:

1. Privacy

Maybe don’t tell your girls a little too much about the relationship. That could make him uncomfortable.

As much as you are an open book, respect their privacy.

2. Patience

An introvert keeps his thoughts and opinions mostly to his/herself. You might think they don’t trust you enough to tell their deepest secrets or more about themselves. They just like to take time before they open up and be comfortable around you. Practice the virtue of patience, keep calm and let things flow the way they should.


3. Tolerance and indulgence

For the sake of your relationship, be tolerant and understand that’s how he/she is, was and will always be. If you want to party all weekends with wild friends, he wants a night in, pillow talk and snuggling, work it out be compromising.

4. Surprises

Since introverts take their time before the give a say on something. They thoroughly think through decisions. Don’t be random and ask them to take a road trip, he/she would like to be told this in advance and planned ahead. So always thoughtfully surprise them.


5. Be nice

This type of personality type is characterized by extreme introspective and sensitive to their feelings. Always be thoughtful and considerate before you roast them publicly or reprimand them privately, correct or teach them something new while alone. They won’t like a public humiliation.

Opposites attract, that’s a fact. Communicate is also key, talk to one another about how you feel and present suggestions and solutions to better the relationship.

Have you been in such a relationship? Or currently in one? How did you manage? Tell us below.

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