Well, there is a very long weekend coming up and this is good for workaholics, those people that work day in day out without even a good rest or an off during the week.

Easter is here and this is a chance to spend with family away from work, computers, bosses and other work related issues.

Easter is the most important and oldest festival of the Christian Church, celebrating the resurrection of Christ and held (in the Western Church) between 21 March and 25 April, on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the northern spring equinox.

Here are tips that would help you enjoy this coming long weekend.

1. Go to Church (Kesha).

It is always good to have time with God, talk to him about your achievements, ask him for something you want, ask for forgiveness. Join other Christians in celebrating the resurrection and how that act has freed us from sin.

Redfourth Easter Concert At Rosslyn Riviera

2. Family Gatherings.

This is a good time for meeting with family members and interacting, knowing what each person has been up to and just enjoying time with family members eating, drinking, playing games and other fun activities.

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3. Road Trips.

This has always been fun for many people and there are many destinations as to where the road trip can land you.

Think of places to visit like Naivasha, Nakuru and any other weekend getaway that would suit you.

Take photos for memory purposes because they are always very important and will one day bring a smile on your face when you remembered how you had fun.

4. Watch Movies.

This is an option for those who like staying indoors with their popcorns in a dish as they enjoy watching the latest series and movies.

Since the weekend will be long, have a variety of movie collections so that you do not have to go to a movie shop to get more movies and series on your list.

5. Party

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This is for the party poppers. If you love partying, then do it considerably because you never know what might happen.

Go party with friends in a club, during a concert and just have fun from the normal routine that you always have and as you party, just take care of yourself.

6. Have a get together with friends.

Being busy does not give you time for your friends and this is the best opportunity to meet up with friends and catch up on so many issues.

You can meet up with friends at your favorite food joint, at a club, or even in the house just watching movies, playing games like truth or dare, enquiring what each of your friends have been up to, sharing ideas on something and just paying back the time lost that both of you had not seen each other.

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7. Cleaning up.

This is a good time that you can reorganize your house and start making it up all again because you have enough time.

You can also decide to rearrange the house to make it look a little bit different from how it was before.