One may not see this Cholera outbreak in Kenya as a big deal but it is something to pay a lot of attention to. The Mater Hospital has about 30 quarantined patients in a ward who are infected with Cholera. After the incident at Weston hotel, two more hotels Jacaranda and San Valencia, have closed down due to the outbreak.

Here are a few tips to keep yourself clear of infection:

  1. Wash your hands, always

This basic hygiene rule is often ignored by a lot of people but it is especially essential in this time of the outbreak. Also make sure you wash your hands with clean water and soap because Cholera is a waterborne disease. This means that it is spread through consumption of infected water.

  1. Avoid eating at kibandas

Yes. Kibandas are very affordable and you might be those people who frequent “Mama Nani’s” Kibanda every lunch hour, but this is not the time to risk it mostly because you do not know where they draw their cooking water from and also if they wash their hands as they prepare the meals. You see that jug of water that is readily available for you free of charge at the kibanda? Avoid that too.

  1. Avoid fruit salads

Again, this is not the time for kibanda food. For those who like to watch what they eat and opt for fruit salads for lunch, please don’t. The vendors are sometimes not the most hygienic people and fruits can easily get you sick at this time. If you want to eat fruits, buy, wash, prepare and pack them yourself.


  1. Cook your own food

As much as you can, prepare your own meals (trust no one). It may sound cynical but you can only control your own hygiene. You may trust fast food places and restaurants, but if big hotels are falling victim of Cholera, then who wouldn’t?

Courtesy of kaluhi’s kithcen


  1. When you have no access to clean water, sanitize.

Yes guys, carrying sanitizer or wet wipes may not be the most manly thing, but your health over anything, right?

Stay safe!

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