Kenyans will blow you up and chase when they need something from you but once they get what they want from you then you are no longer of value to them. Harsh but reality.

Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage had to learn that the hard way after she recently performed at Redsan’s album launch only for her to start having problems when it was her time to leave. According to her, Kenyans promoters had been blowing her up all through before the event but once their needs were sorted, they all suddenly went off.

The “Kele Kele” hit maker took to twitter to share her bad experience with her twitter followers in a series of tweets.

“Checking out the hotel and full accommodation not paid for, no car to take us to the airport and promoters want to talk trash about artists,”

she wrote on her twitter page.

However in yet another tweet, she said she loves Kenya as a country regardless and she says she will continue to make her fans happy as they deserve “better”. I am sure that was a learning experience for her though and next time she might not be so easy to deal with not unless she has confirmed that all her bills have been settled.

Meanwhile Kenyans on twitter reacted to the situation and here is what they had to say;