To Increase Internal Security, Will Mandatory NYS Be Re-introduced?

The government is considering the reintroduction of mandatory NYS training for students. I’m sure youth of this generation probably don’t even know what NYS means. Let me enlighten you. National Youth Service. Does it ring a bell? Yes, that which your mum and dad keeps mentioning they joined before joining campus. Most youth are ignorant of it nowadays since it was made voluntary with the Mwai Kibaki era.

National Youth Service is a training program where youth are taught skills and trained on how to be self empowered citizens of Kenya. It’s a government sponsored organisation that takes part in national projects and help in natural disasters.The government hopes to create individuals who are able to play a major role in either the public and private workforce in addition to contributing to national development and goals such as Vision 2030, which seeks to transform Kenya to an industrialized, middle-income country, making it a reality. The service in all its entities seeks to empower the individual through the gained life-long skills instilled during the program and can be applied throughout any profession they choose.

The proposal comes after the sad death of 147 Kenyans in the Garissa Massacre, in the wake of increased security in the country. On Wednesday, the Devolution Cabinet Secretary, Anne Waiguru said that her ministry was in consultations with the Education Ministry and other stakeholders to see whether the training can be introduced. Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru said;

“It’s not a decision that has been made. It’s proposals that we have had both from the Kenya National Association of Parents and various stakeholders including the Kenyan public,”


Calls for mandatory training have increased especially after the Garissa university massacre and last weekend’s panic stampede at UoN Kikuyu campus.