M.M.U, Daystar, U.O.N, T.U.K, Africa Nazarene, K.U…

Sounds like a progressive hum from a mind trying to capture the names of campuses in Kenya. This is a different tune though. In a time when the phrase “tomorrow belong

s to you” has been overly, overtly


and covertly used on the youth in

an attempt to ignite desires, dreams and ambitions, some have dared to grab it by its core, bringing their tomorrow to today and owning it fully.

Here is to desire, determination, resilience, risk and passion by students, past and present, of the above named institutions that

came together, consolidated their entrepreneurial streak and formed an enterprise.

What enterprise?

RHEMART2They are creatives. An enterprise would they form then that bore a likeness to their strengths. Close to a year ago Rhemart Enterprises, an art organization providing solutions in Fine Art, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Interior Design and Lighting was birthed. Its head and visionary was then Technical University of Kenya graphics design and communication student Robbie Omol. He has since completed his studies. Partnering with eleven other creatives drawn from the fields fine art, interior design, dance, film, photography and fashion design, he has seen the business grow in stature and excellence to live up to its vision, Beyond The Art. He is himself a fine artist and a musician.

The phrase “as much as the visual aspect of art is very relevant as far as art is concerned and we do pay close attention to the aesthetic value of our work, we also greatly invest in the character, the purpose, the heart and mind and the spirit behind our productions” is captured from the enterprise’s description on its Facebook page. This statement largely explains the vision beyond the art. The founders are believers and as such transcend the limitation of time and space to create their works. This is seen in the mission statement; to pervade the world with life-giving art and restore the purity of beauty in art via Divine inspiration.