Campus sports is normally a ground-breaking experience where a students future can change drastically. Sports help shape a new individual and opens up other opportunities for a student. Basketball always comes with swag and is a favorite among University students. Top basketball teams always attract the most fans and here we look at the 10 best ranked Universities according to the Kenyan University Sports Association (KUSA) .

  1. Zetech University

They lead the mens’ standings in the campus basketball league. Both their men and women taems are currently shining on top of their respective league. Zetech mens and ladies seem to be doing a whole lot more of training which places them a cut above the rest.

  1. Strathmore men and USIU Ladies

They follow the Zetech due closely in both the men and ladies leagues respectively and are sides who are rising high and fast. Strathmore men have always shown they can compete at high levels and are also known by the Kenyan Men basketball league to be a side to fear. USIU ladies are also back in contention for top places.

  1. Kenyatta Uni City campus and JKUAT ladies

KU City campus mens’ team is representing in third place holding it down with JKUAT ladies in the women league. These two sides are improving their games in order to fight for top spots.

  1. KU Ladies and USIU men

Forth spot has been left to these two teams in their respective campus leagues. KU ladies try to follow up their male counterparts but manage to come forth here. USIU Men seem to be lagging behind their ladies who are second in their women league.

  1. KU Ruiru men and Daystar ladies

Kenyatta University seems to be lighting up the league with their campus teams doing well. KU Ruiru men are holding down fifth position with the ever beautiful Daystar ladies. Daystar ladies seem to be doing a better job than their male counterparts.

  1. KU Ruiru ladies and JKUAT men

KU Ruiru ladies are following their male side by taking position 6 in their women’s league. They share this position with JKUAT men who seem to be letting down their ladies’ side who are at number 3 in the women’s league.

  1. Strathmore ladies and Daystar men

Strathmore ladies can only manage position seven falling behind their male side by five spots. Daystar men are also seventh in their mens’ league and seem to be doing a dismal performance compared to their female side.

  1. KU Men and MKU ladies

Kenyatta University main campus men pop up at position 8 in the league standings. MKU ladies also hold the same position in the women’s league.

  1. MKU Men and KCA Ladies

MKU Men try to squeze in on the top 10 positions and can only come ninth. They share this same position with KCA ladies in the women’s league.

  1. UON Men and Egerton Ladies

The best Public University can only manage tenth position in the men’s basketball league. They also share this same spot with Egerton ladies who are trying to play well in the women’s league.

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