Top 10 Male Outfits At The 57th #GrammyAwards2015. #MCM

The Grammy awards were last night and there were some unique and interesting outfits to say the least. Check out our selection of the guys who stood out;

He rocked a casual look of rolled up sleeves, a black vest, a skinny neck tie and sneakers. The cute orange head showed of his arm tattoos and look as good as always. Yes, I’m allowed to think a loud. His performance was as sweet as his look. Pardon me. I have an obsession for Ed.



Looked good in Adidas. He wore a white shorts suit and a matching bow-tie. Even in his performance with Lang Lang of Happy he wore a lobby boy kind of out fit and shorts. It seems shorts have become his style. But his wife’s look was NOT red carpet material AT ALL!! Get a grip of your woman Pharell!

The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Red Carpet


The ladies man looked stunning in a simple gray Dolce & Gabbana suit. I’m not sure what it is with that man. He sings like an angel and looks like sex on legs in even a simple suit. God knows he’d even look good in the cheap mushino suits Kenyans shamelessly wear.

#4 NE-YO

In a designer suit by Marc Jacobs, a casual unbuttoned shirt accessorized with a fedora, aviators and lapel pins Ne-yo looked as sexy as sexy can be. Why can’t Kenyan guys look this heaven sent. Sigh#
The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Red Carpet
The cutest of the Jonas brothers appeared in a unique suit. You can say it was Armani it obviously looked good but I think it was a daring suit to wear. It was a dapper gray, black and yellow plaid suit. A patterned suit is tricky to wear as one can look like a clown but Nick nailed it. Bravo!!
Yes, the proper definition of Hiphop.!! My man!! Gambino looked swell in rolled up pants and slippers. No socks shows us that Larry Madowo has been onto something with the no socks style. He had a small afro more tamed than his usual unkempt hair and looked rather innocent with the bow-tie. Who knew suits would bring out the child look to our awesome Childish.
The winner of the night looked good on the red carpet in a black tuxedo, pleated shirt and white bow-tie accessorized with white cross earrings. This guy was awesome enough to take home 4 Grammy awards. Sigh. Why do all the amazing men have to be either Gay, Married or Dead? In this case gay. Oh well, good for his man.
sam smith
The Guy who made headlines yesternight for his embarrassing stunt at the Grammy’s may have lost some points for manners but sure earned them for his look of the night. Kanye wore a black velvet suit and black boots. Kim’s man looked as fresh as always.
kanye west
His The Man indeed in a navy blue suit. He chose a colour different from the usual black suit which made him stand out. He wore a checked black and white bow-tie and fedora to add a little style to his look and it looked wow!! That’s a look a fashionable Kenyan man can afford to rock.
aloe blacc
This ever sexy rapper never loses his charm. He looks as good as he did in the 20th century. In a black full suit and his million dollar suit. According to me, his performance with John Legend of Glory the best performance of the night. Kudos!!
Who was your #MCM of the night? Tell us below.