Top 10 Songs We Don’t Want to Hear In 2015


So 2014 is coming to a halt and the lists begin.

This list is probably the most predictable because if its overplayed we hate them and the fan crazed people probably still have it as their ringtone. We do not want to hear these songs anymore in 2015!!
Here’s the list based on the date of official release:
10.Biashara- STL ft Khaligraph and Kristoff (July 2014)
This song was overhyped. STL is the only one with tight lines there.

9. Dabotap-The Kansoul and One cm- Jaguar(Aug 2014)
Despite the fact both of these songs were released mid-year, they have been receiving too much airplay.

7.Loyal- Chris Brown ft Lil Wayne (Dec 2013)
Eeer…y’all who got your hearts broken this year know what I’m talking about. I can still hear you humming "</p

6.Let it go- Idina Menzel (Dec 2013)
Most people think Demi Lovato originally sang it… I just saved you from ignorance (thank me later) This song has actually received the highest number of covers on a Youtube. Maybe it’s about time we all ‘let it go’.

5. Rude-Magic! (December 2013)
The song is awesome….or rather was awesome till everyone knew about it…smh.

4. Show me- Kid Ink ft Chris Brown(Nov 2013)
Yap! This very old song stopped receiving attention around May. I’m very disappointed.

3. Happy- Pharrell Williams (Nov 2013)
Yes the song is that old… but still has everyone dancing to it. It’s the perfect annoying karaoke song.

2. All of me- John Legend (Oct 2013)
He actually performed this song at Oprah’s show around July but released the video in October last year. I was also a sucker for this sob song but I believe enough is enough.

1.Wake me up- Avicii (July 2013)
I offer an apology in advance if I’m caught strangling a DJ who puts this song in his set in this time and age.

So there you have it… if you’d like to add or disagree , comment below.