RELAXwe all long for weekneds because we tend to unwind and  as students, we keep our books as bay for a while. Let’s take an example of USIU-the day most of them unwind is on Thursdays since most of them (students) don’t have classes the following day. This has worked to the advantage of nearby Pub-Tortillas Black-Rose as its proximity to the school has worked on its advantage. As for K.U, they are lucky enough to have a Students Centre and a number of Tuck Shops that sell alcohol. For the UoN students their proximity to the Central Business District (CBD) they got the local pubs and hangout joint to their advantage.

But what are the rules that govern how the students unwind at their favourite joint?? Here are the Rules;

  1.  Its Okay to Drink Alone.

Yeaahh!! You as a person need that “my time” space to have a drink. This is just that one time you need to reflect and plan on what you want to do.

  1. Vodka can be mixed with anything; including more vodka.

If you read my previous article on “Alcoholic Brands consumed by an average campus student” you noticed that most students preferred Vodka, so yes more vodka for us.

  1. In Wine there is Wisdom; in beer there is strength, but whiskey is the Water of Life.

Wine is always perceived to be a drink of meditation unlike beer where one thinks by a number of bottles you feel as if they have added strength, but for the Whiskey lovers they can do it plainly because it’s the water of life.

  1. Drunken Words are sober thought; listen carefully.

Most of the wonderful ideas are always from drunk guys who sit in a joint and make decision to execute them. It’s always said “Kama kuna watu wawili ambao hawajui kudanganya basi ni mtoto mdogo na mlevi”

  1. If you do something really stupid, never blame it on the booze or on being drunk.

Most guys always want to blame it on the alcohol but I would like to differ because you actions even when sober are just the same, it’s just the alcohol that has triggered it.

  1. If he/she is ugly after seven drinks, give up.

As my friend always say “Stevo, I hope sasa umevaa beer-goggles coz huyo dame amechapa”. That is the only remedy when you are out drinking and you want to have a scoop or else just give up.


  1. Beer is food, Wine accompanies food, and Cocktails demand food.

Any student will agree with me that he/she can drink beer even without eating coz the wheat in the beer is just enough while all the gentlemen who do dinners always accompany it with wine. Cocktail to a student is Punch and you all know how that is always messy so food is a must.

  1. An Open bar is a dangerous game; Respect It.

Open bar events to students means drinking nearly all the brands of alcoholic drinks that available for the night, even if it hard for them to pronounce their names. And what is always the result of that?? You know better.So respect it.

  1. Never turn down a free drink or complain about its quality or brand.

Never be that guy or lady who we can say uses this line “Nimekuja bash na hii food haina nyama” yet you were just invited by a friend of a friend who saw how your life was boring and invited you free drinks. So just shut up and Tuuurrrn Up coz “Turn down for who, Turn down for what”

  1. Always stick around for one more drink. That’s when things happen.

This is always a common line “Kuja tukunywe moja moja tukingoja jam ipungue” and what is happens after that?? You forget you were supposed to go home and end up taking a trip out of town.

With those few tips now you can know what is there or what to expect when out drinking.

Written By: Stephen Mathews

Facebook: Master Steve

Twitter: @MasterSteve_