Top 10 Universities in Science Training in Kenya


Science is always a field that is feared by most students no matter which level of education they are at. Filled with numerous facts and formulas plus the math that comes along with it, Science does not go well with most students’ needs. Universities in Kenya have various courses that are offered and we have identified the ones that are top in training students taking Science related ones.

  1. University of Nairobi

The best public University in Kenya for a while now takes top sport on this list too. University of Nairobi attributes this to great infrastructure that provides students and lecturers a competent environment for learning and teaching respectively. UoN also has its various schools of Science equipped with the necessary material needed for the success of these courses.

  1. Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology

Science is greatly involved in Agriculture and Technology.

JKUAT is one of the top Universities providing the best Science training to students. It is a University focusing on courses related to Science and that makes it come up on this list.

  1. Kenyatta University







Kenyatta University will always come up when heavy weight education giants are mentioned. The Science begins at their gate which according to most naked eyes is the most beautiful work done on any school entrance. The University also offers vast courses with science being the center of attention. For years, the University has produced the best engineers and this is because of their great training.

  1. Egerton University







Found in the fertile lands of Rift Valley, Egerton is another famous science institution. Started of originally as an agricultural training institute, Egerton has grown into one of the best Universities in Kenya.

  1. Maseno University

Maseno University has been known to provide the best medicine and other science related courses. The University, found in Maseno, is another great destination if you need the best Science training.

  1. Technical University of Kenya

The title of the University explains the kind of courses that are of great concern and importance. Technical courses involve science and TUK does it best.

  1. Moi University







This is another giant University in Kenya and makes the list among the best. Its Law school speaks volumes, with Science courses following suite. The great image it has kept means it is still an attraction to most students pursuing science courses.

  1. Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology

This giant University from Western Kenya offers the best science courses just like it is suggested in its title.


  1. University of Eldoret

Originally a constituent of Moi University, University of Eldoret has grown fast and become a force in the higher education sector in Kenya. Science is one of its pillars and they do train the best.

  1. Mount Kenya University

There is always a buzz when this University is mentioned. They recently gave a student who wanted to sell one of his kidneys scholarship and admission to study medicine at their institution. Infrastructure and great lecturers put them among the best science courses training institutions in Kenya.