The current generation lives for information and websites are ruling the game on this part. We are bound to meet links on different social media sites that lead us to songs, videos and juicy stories. Kenyans love stories and the latest trends and that is why we are always clicking on links to find out what’s new. Well here are the most clicked on websites in the country according


We expected this as almost every Kenyan citizen never misses a day on Google. Basic answers to questions are found on this site. Don’t be shocked when next time you ask for directions and you are told to google it.


It is the leading site for stories and juicy gossip on the latest rumors in town. This site always has traffic and according to it never misses content that goes viral.


For music and great videos YouTube is the number one site to visit. This site also has the latest movies and TV series making it an attraction to many Kenyans.


This is a site owned by The Standard Group which is a giant news outlet in Kenya. Its influence in the media industry in Kenya has led to this site being famous among Kenyan internet users.


Another media outlet follows as Kenyans are always on the look out for what is happening in the country. Owned by Nation Media Group, this site brings you the latest news in town in matters politics and what affects the country as a whole.


This is another news website also owned by another media giant Radio Africa. It is known for bringing the latest political drama in the country and it does not surprise many on this list.


This is another mega-website that is most clicked on by Kenyans. Mostly known for its mail services but it also brings with it customized content for its users.


Still part of the larger Google service but tailored to meet content that is suitable to Kenyans. This site is clicked on most by Kenyans who want information associated with their country.


It is said to be Africa’s number one betting site as it’s mother company sponsors the Kenyan Premier League. The traffic on this site is mind blowing these days as most Kenyans have learnt the art of predicting game results and winning or losing cash.


For entertainment news, this is Kenya’s best website. Filled with celebrity gossip, lifestyle and the latest music videos, it becomes an attraction to many Kenyans.