When we look back in the days we had artists from the same Production House doing collabos with the artist who then were signed with or rather had their songs produced in the same Production Companies. The most notable names from Ogopa DJs was Mr.Lenny, this lad was featured in most of the songs that came from the South-B based production house. After that the game changed and the lad went MIA until recently he (Mr.Lenny) came out with a new song “Randa Randa” featuring Vsita of GrandPa Records. On the Calif Records side we had the guy called Pilipili, this ninja was always on the vocals of the songs from Calif and he never ever disappointed.

Those were the days of few remixes and times have changed and almost every artist nowadays yearn to do collabos and feature in remixes of big hits. Both remixes and collabos have made us recognize a number of great artists both male and female. It was not until “Ligi So” Remix that most of y’all realise we had great Femcees and that made some of them to become Mainstream most notably Petra and Wangechi.

For my liking am going to analyze the top male acts that can outshine “slice” you in your own single, in most times you may think that the song is their own because of the magnitude they bring in the song themselves. This analysis is based on how my mind is set and its up for debate in the future. I will only analyze the top 4 acts in a random order as follows;

  1. jay aJAY-A-Being a new comer in the game Jay-A has proven to be a force to reckon with when it comes to his lyrical delivery. Having come to the public eyes with the song “Clap your Hands”, Jay-A stamped his authority because he was doing it in English. This was followed by a couple of singles from “On Me”, “Gello”,”Pledge My Love” ft. Anto “Dumbala” ft Sage which has a catchy remix. On the songs that Jay-A has been featured on he has made an impact. In his first one “Doing it Right” featured by DJ Nruff.His deliver attributed in the realisation of a good remix on “Ligi Soo”, He even say “I am in the major league, shout out to all my Gs, how could they have leave me out on the remix when am stacking most of that cheese”

2.mandraxx MADTRAXX-The Super Producer, Super DJ, and Super MC-Madtraxx a.k.a Maddy has that unique way of staying on top of his game ever since we knew of his existence. Maddy has always has a great run with his top chatting singles and when he is on a collabo he always gets the better part of our ears, from “Raundi hii” ft Mejja to the latest remix he is in “Dumbala” Maddy has always stuck us. Lest we forget Maddy was featured in “Fire Fever Lighter Speaker” but outshined Kora on the song.



kenrazy3. KENRAZY

Kenrazy a.k.a Ghipuka Generali is the ultimate lad who always has a way to “kill it” in any remix. With a fusion of Genge, Hiphop and Kapuka kenrazy has always stood the test of time from his hay days at Jomino Ent to his transition to Pacho Ent and now GrandPa Records. He has featured in a number of remixes/Collabos from “We inakubambia Wapi”  to “Kamua Kamua” then to “Hivo Ndo Kunaendaga” which you may think it’s his song yet he has been featured to “Dumbala Remix” Kenrazy has stood the test of time.


collo4. COLLO

Collo a.k.a King Wa Rap was always perceived as the holding block of their group Klepto.He together with his group gave us a number of great tracks and then came the split that saw Collo embark on a solo career. The lad even mentored Camp Mulla which became the greatest group in music until their demise too. Collo has featured in a number of great songs and his flow is undoubtedly great. He has featured a number of artist from STL, Ameelina, P-Unit, just to mention a few. The most notable Remixes or Collabos that Collo has stood out include “Jogoo Remix”, “Radio Love”, “Soaring High”,”Bila Mic” to “Party Don’t Stop” and “Chafua” by Camp Mulla and now the recent feature “Milele” with the lovely Viola Karuri,collo is always ahead of the game.

Written By: Stephen Mathews

Facebook: Master Steve

Twitter: @MasterSteve_